MacBook 12 Sleeve – Black


Designed for: MacBook 12-inch (early-2015 to 2019 models).

This exceptional protective sleeve for the MacBook 12 inch model is crafted from the finest materials. The exterior is made out of black full-grain vegetable tanned leather and the inside of the sleeve facing the MacBook is 100% natural grey wool felt.

The contrast between the black leather and the grey wool creates an elegant, balanced, and classic look. With time and use, the sleeve patina gets more beautiful.

This 12-inch MacBook sleeve is also available in cognac leather.

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Premium Sleeve from Woolnut

The Woolnut top of the line leather sleeve for the MacBook 12 inch is minimalistic and fashionable. Materials are carefully chosen and we are only satisfied with the best. As you can see, the amazing result speaks for itself.

woolnut sleeve macbook 12 leather

Details is Everything

The Woolnut leather sleeve is crafted using rigor precision with immense focus on details. We try to keep the design as minimalistic as possible without compromising on quality. A strong durable nylon thread is sewn thru the signature leather and wool in order to keep the materials in place. It gives the sleeves a final unique touch and completes the beautiful look. We truly believe that the beauty is in the details.

Slim & Elegant

We take pride in making a beautiful product with great craftsmanship and high-quality old world materials. The result is a beautiful, slim and minimalistic leather sleeve for your beloved MacBook 12”. It does not only look stunning but also serve as great protection for your MacBook.

woolnut macbook leather sleeve black

Signature Leather &
100% Natural Wool

We only source and use the best available materials in all of our leather sleeves and products. The characteristic black leather is full-grain vegetable tanned. It’s among the most exclusive high-end leather on the market. The black leather is not only soft and long lasting but develops an even more beautiful patina with years of usage.

While inside the leather sleeve your MacBook 12” will be enclosed by a top-notch quality wool felt, made from 100% natural wool. Its manufactured with a perfect balance of black and white wool giving it a light grey tone. The light grey wool accompaniment the black vegetable tanned leather perfectly and gives it a sleek, timeless yet fashionable design. All in all, the black leather sleeve is graceful, good looking and will protect your favorite MacBook for years to come.

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woolnut macbook 12 leather sleeve black

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