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Here you can shop our famous Woolnut MacBook leather sleeve available for the entire MacBook series. Our signature MacBook sleeve is made from the best vegetable tanned leather, using an interior of the finest 100% natural wool felt. Our sleeves come in black and cognac brown leather colors.

Using a Woolnut MacBook cover is not only a great way to protect your device, but also compliments it with a fantastic new look. Below you can shop our slim Macbook Air sleeve for the 11 and 13 inch models, the unique leather sleeve for the 12 inch model and the Macbook Pro sleeve (with & without Touch Bar) for the 13 and 15 inch models.

NEW: MacBook Pro Touch Bar Sleeve

The Woolnut MacBook Pro sleeve for the new models with & without Touch Bar (late-2016, 2017 and 2018 models) is here.
The dimensions on these MacBook Pro Touch Bar sleeves are made to fit perfectly with the new models.

13-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar | 15-inch MacBook Pro with Touch Bar

woolnut macbook leather sleeves

MacBook Air Sleeve – Slimmed Perfection

The MacBook Air sleeve for the 13 inch comes in two colors, black and cognac brown. These MacBook Air leather sleeves are made from vegetable tanned leather, where the tanning process of the leather has carefully created two perfectly toned leather exteriors. These MacBook Air sleeves must be seen in real life to fully capture the beauty of the craftsmanship.

Both colors on the Woolnut MacBook Air Sleeve use an interior of 100% natural wool felt in light grey color. Together, these two materials breath old world charm, robustness and quality. The stitches that go around three of the four side of the MacBook Air 13 sleeve are carefully sewn through all materials. The stitches end up making loops around the leather sleeve edges to make it extra sturdy.


MacBook Pro Retina Sleeve (2012-2015)

The MacBook Pro Retina sleeve 13 inch and the MacBook Pro Retina sleeve 15 inch are made to fit perfectly into these slim laptops. The Macbook Pro sleeves truly bring both a protective cover as well as a new beautiful look to the laptops. The Woolnut MacBook Pro leather sleeves come in both black and cognac brown color, and both versions use a grey wool felt as an interior.

This grey wool felt is made from 100% natural wool. The leather sleeve is made from vegetable tanned leather which is the best possible leather on the market. After years of usage, your MacBook Pro Retina sleeve will become even more beautiful as the patina grows stronger. These are available for the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar sleeves (late 2016, 2017 & 2018) as well.

woolnut macbook leather sleeve 15

MacBook 12 Leather Sleeve

Are you the owner of the fantastic MacBook 12 laptop? Then we have the perfect MacBook 12 leather sleeve just for you! Especially crafted and dimensioned to fit perfectly with just the MacBook 12, this leather sleeve will make your laptop take cover in a fashionable way. Available in the same black and cognac brown leather colors with grey wool as the other models.

woolnut macbook 12 leather sleeve woolnut

New MacBook Pro Touch Bar Sleeve (late 2016, 2017 & 2018)

Great news for everyone with the new MacBook Pro Touch Bar models – we have leather sleeves for you as well! The MacBook Pro with Touch Bar (late 2016 to 2018) is built in different dimensions compared to its predecessors. We have designed sleeves in perfect sizes to fit the MacBook Touch Bar 13 inch as well as the 15 inch. Both models are available in black and cognac brown leather with grey wool.

There is also a model of the MacBook Pro 13 inch (late 2016 to 2018) without the Touch Bar. However, this laptop is built with the exact same dimensions as the MacBook Pro 13 with Touch Bar. Therefore, you can get your hands on our MacBook leather sleeve with Touch Bar and still use this on the new model without. Whatever model, our MacBook Pro Touch Bar sleeve will fit your laptop perfectly.

macbook pro touch bar leather sleeve

Wool & Leather Sleeve – Two Materials Meet

The Woolnut MacBook leather sleeve uses two of the most robust, natural and historically important core materials of all time; wool & leather. And it is not just any wool or any leather. At Woolnut, we source the wool felt used in our leather sleeves from a specialist company in Germany. This is one of Europe´s most renowned and trustworthy companies in the wool industry, and a lot of effort is going into securing the rendering of a perfect wool felt, of course made from 100% natural wool. We have selected a slightly light natural grey color of our wool felt, and this truly blends perfectly together with our next core material, the vegetable tanned leather.

grey wool felt 100% real natural woolnut

vegetable tanned leather from woolnut

The vegetable tanned leather used in our MacBook leather sleeves is probably what makes our covers the first choice for our customers. We use a high-end vegetable tanned leather that ages beautifully to create a lovely patina. Vegetable tanned leather is produced through the most traditional, characteristic and environmentally friendly tanning method of them all. The more you use your MacBook leather sleeve, the more beautiful it will get as your leather patina starts to appear. All our MacBook covers are unique in its texture and character, since any variations in the leather are symptoms of life and time. Some may have a small mark, a slightly deviated color area or another distinct feature that makes that specific Macbook sleeve unique and natural.

MacBook Leather Sleeve – From India with Love

All our wool & leather sleeves for the Macbook series are manufactured in a small factory located in Chennai, India. The factory came to see the light of day as a part of a Swedish SIDA project many years ago. It is a family business run by Mr Noor, his wife and brother, and much of the equipment used in the factory actually comes from a shut down sewing factory in Sweden. This little factory has years of experience and expertise in the leather goods manufacturing business, and we are proud to have a partnership with such a great company. Our supplier relationships and their experiences are some of the strongest reasons our Woolnut premium MacBook leather sleeve is such a praised and greeted product by our customers.

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